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...it was all wrong... [entries|friends|calendar]
...it was all wrong...


My eyes are closed for all the trouble you've built around the walls where your love has imprisoned me.

i want you

i need you

i love you

i won't let anybody have you.
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[21 Jul 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

today, the same things kinda happened. jerry tried to steal my food...again. :| oh and joann let me borrow her cds: the used and senses fail. i burned both of them and now i have my own copies! :D yay! for pe, we went up to the flats, so it wasn't that hot. i didn't sweat like hell anymore. joann saw some guy with eye liner that she thought was cute. he was cute! XD guys look so hot when they wear eye liner. that reminds me, victor was supposed to put some make up on for me. hmmm... next time, i gotta get ready! XD i think he'll look funny...but funnier if he had some tight pants to go with his look. ha ha ha ha. lol.

OMG! i was cracking up so much with karen during second period and sixth period. in second period, we were making fun of joe. he sings so funny! he was wearing shorts today. in sixth period, we were laughing at danny. he was hitting his head on the table and when he lifted his head, he had a huge red mark on his forehead. it was so funny! i had to squish my sweater unto my face to stifle my laughter.

on the way home from school, i saw nhi. her brother was that guy in my pe class with that guitar. i had no idea! she mentioned that she had a brother. i have 1st period with her and we had a test in that period today. it was pretty easy. just some simple spanish phrases. she wrote mikihisa's (character in my comic) name in hiragana (i think). it looked like it was by syllables. she's cool! i hope to learn a lot from her.

so joann took a make-up test today. she thinks she did it wrong. i was teaching both her and melissa how to say some words and phrases in tagalog. no luck. :) no luck at all. :D i drew all over brooke's book yay! i drew a dinosaur! DINOSAUR=VICTOR. that's the nickname lynnette gave him. lynette wears her glasses all the time now. i wonder why...i wear my glasses all the time... :)

oh yeah, i talked to victor. but he had to go quick. he might go to belmont on tuesdays now. "i'll see if i can," he said.

- miyako

dressed in roses

i'm back... [20 Jul 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so i haven't updated in the longest time ever...i'm sorry!!! i'm sorry i gave my lj this huge neglection! i'll try to never do it again!!! well, i revamped the whole thing and my kyo club. please look: kyonkichi_cat. if you are a kyo fan and haven't joined, please do. :D

well on that note, there is a lot i want to tell you guys! and yes, andre did dump me (for those of you who were wondering what the entry was about) and yeah i'm with someone else now. his name is victor. :) and yeah, i am in high school now! XD FRESHMAN!!! i met and made a lot of new friends! :D i'm so happy! ^^

during lunch, jerry was all like. "i'm listening to rock!" and then he grabbed a rock from the floor and he started "listening" to it. ha ha ha ha. lol. XD he also said, "i like rap! W-R-A-P! WRAP" RAP=WRAP. get it? XD he grabbed my pizza and bit it. he did that to my terriaki chicken yesterday. i was like... "here, you can have it." ewwww. ~.~ oh and joe gave me a hug. during pe. he just came up to me and i was like "what are you doing?" and he said, "giving you a hug." "o-k-a-y..." i said. i gave him this one chance. but after that, i think he'll get no more. XD i only truly hug one guy in my life=victor! XD i'll post some pictures once i get the chance. but for now, go to my myspace! My Myspace! there are pictures of me and victor there. and don't say he looks like harry potter. he gets mad. ;) *snigger*

about harry potter, half blood prince came out already! man, i want it! i want it! my homeroom teacher let me read the first chapter and part of the second one. i hope i get to read it again tomorrow. snape is evil? ~.~ hmmm... i think he's just a spy... well i'll find out! XD i want to know what harry got in his O.W.L.s! hopefully i'll find out about that too!

oh yeah, i'm making a comic! it's called silver rose. it's yaoi. :| hey i like it okay! and if you don't like it, stay away! i mean, don't say away! just skip the parts where i talk about it!

well, good-bye. i hope i update again soon. i'll try not to die. XD

- miyako (that's my japanese name!)

dressed in roses

[07 May 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I just got back from the orientation at Belmont. I saw Melissa, Alex, Joann, Lester, Oscar, Scarlet, Arielle, and other people. It was boring. I didn't really pay attention. Me, Joann, and Melissa got lost together trying to find our parents. ;D

the figure in roses is calling meCollapse )

- Maria

dressed in roses

[02 May 2005|08:46pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So today was the first day of school, well...it was pretty all right I guess. We still have the same seats for Lawrence and Fleischman let us sit anywhere we wanted today (which will probably be only today). I sat with Jocelyn, Melissa, and Perla. No homework today, I do so believe. My group (which consists of Ian, Carlos, Debbie, and me) have to go to Gracia's room for homeroom and finish our standard crap. Debbie and Ian were going on an all out war, competing on who's version of the standard sounded better. Their's or the semi others. Ha ha, it was funny. He hit Ian on the face and he stole my pen. Frickin' Palma (carlos). He wanted me to make a note for him so we could be excused for homeroom and I was like "No! Do it yourself!"

It was nice seeing everyone again. Beatrix didn't come today and neither did Paulie (I was hoping to run into him so I can talk to him about him and Lynnette). Regine didn't come today either! Errrr! There were a lot of people who didn't come today... I still have to get Beatrix that picture of my cousin...

- Maria <3

dressed in roses

I'm Broken... [29 Apr 2005|11:26am]
[ mood | sore ]

So far, I've been trying to drown my sorrows by listening to music (sad music mostly). I've been listening to "The Lost Souls" by AFI and "Hello" by Evanescence all day. Then I switched to Vermillion by Slipknot and now I am listening to "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne. I feel like cursing... x__x

I cried two times yesterday and I don't really feel like talking to anyone right now. Yesterday I was staying in my room like a maniac, writing poems, drawing, and looking at the stuff shorty gave me. Lynnette told me to chuck them out, and I'm still thinking about it. Lynnette wants to beat up shorty for me, but I told her no (I don't think she'll listen). That idiot (sorry) actually told Lynnette to tell me instead of saying it in front of my face. I couldn't sleep all night, and I was crying in my sleep. *sigh* Lynnette's my best friend in whole world, I've known her since 4th grade. Second would be Luigi (why won't you call me? I really need my big brother right now). He's like the big brother I never had...so is RJ...

I will tell all of this someday, but not right now. Probably Debbie already knows what I'm talking about.

But I still want to be friends. I don't hate him...he's the only guy I ever liked this much. "My heart is broken...I'm lying here...My thoughts are choking...on you my dear..."

did you think it was something I was gonna do...?Collapse )

- Maria

dressed in roses

[27 Apr 2005|01:21pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I cut my hair. It's up to my chin. My bangs aren't cut bcause my mom didn't want to because she says the bangs will make me look like an idiot. I don't care. >.

2 dances + dressed in roses

[26 Apr 2005|01:45pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I watched City of Angels and I cried. *sniff* That movie makes me cry. Poor Seth, why did Maggie have to die. Oh well, at least he gets to experience things he didn't experience when he was an angel, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, and touch. I watched the Goo Goo Dolls video like a million times until I had enough of it. Yeah... *phew* Sorry if I haven't updated, too busy. I finished my Sonic game with Sonic and Knuckles and I wanna play it again! *laugh* I played Arcade Mode in Soul Calibur throughout the whole morning and I'm going to try playing Evolution. Bye!

- Maria

dressed in roses

[13 Apr 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | busy ]

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2 dances + dressed in roses

[09 Apr 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Got my new glasses today. Thick framed. No pictures with me wearing them yet. Have to go to my cousin's house and take pictures with their webcam. Heh.

Nothing else happening. Chatted with Debbie on Yahoo yesterday. Blah. E-mailed my essay to Ms. Garcia.

I hate my life. T.T

dressed in roses

Today Is... [01 Apr 2005|05:49pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yay! Everybody party! w00t w00t!

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